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Natural Ear Medication for Pets
remedy for ear mites and ear infections in dogs, cats and other animals

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Natural Ear Medication for Pets
remedy for ear mites and ear infections in dogs, cats and other animals

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Can I give my dog pain medicine?

I had a scare with my puppy last night. He was really sore from his vaccines and was barking and whining all night. He's better today so I haven't phoned the vet yet but anyways I was just wondering if it's safe to give dogs pain medicine, like tylenol or advil.
I wasnt planning on giving him pain medicine. And of course I'd contact my vet for dosage and when to give it, etc. My other dog take benadryl daily (as told by her vet), so I was just curious if there were any other over the counter medicines that are safe for dogs.
Yes, I know improper dosage can kill it. I'm not planning on drugging my dog.


Some people will do anything for 2 points..

Posted by joy

Yes, they actually sell asprin for puppies at pet stores such as Petsmart & Petco, and you may also be able to find it at local farm supply stores like Southern States & Tractor Supply Co. It's also safe to give liquid baby Tylenol, just follow the weight guidelines (don't quote me but I believe it's 0.6ml-0.8ml for 8-14 lbs.) You can also consult your vet over the phone for further dosage information. Best wishes! 🙂

Way to calm my dog??!!?

My dogs name is Charlie. He is an Aussie and when he was a puppy and was able to go outside he hurt his left hip. Charlie is 8/9 years old and on Monday his hip hurt really bad that he couldn't get up but when he heard fireworks he tried to room upstairs to my room but as he tried to get up he fell on the 3rd step. My mom got dog pills for him to take his take 2 a day wrap in cheese. As he tries to move around his left leg shakes and he takes a while to get up what dies that mean amd I have many questions .
1st. He has been crying since he fell and tonight he won't let me sleep it's 4 am and I been up and down the stairs petting him and trying to sleep for school tomorrow
2nd. How can I calm him down if thunder or fireworks goes off because he's very scared
3rd. What medicine do you recommend my dog with a hip pain.. Should i have my mom take him to the vet or start off by getting pills from petsmart like we did .
*** also he is due for a vaccine at the en of the month and we are scared that we can't take him because of his hip like how are they suppose to carry him up if it his left leg shakes when he walks***
Sorry it's long.

Posted by sammy

Sammy, you already asked a similar question.
Your dog needs a vet. You have no other option. He is in severe pain and only a vet will be able to help him with the pain. You should not be giving your dog any kind of medication without speaking to a vet first. If you give the wrong medication or the wrong dosage for your dogs weight, you could end up killing your dog. Stop giving him medication and get the poor thing to the vet IMMEDIATELY. The vet will give him the most effective medication that he needs and that will actually help with his pain. Do it before he gets any worse, which will make it harder for the vet to treat and your dog will be in continuous pain . Not taking a sick or injured dog to the vet, is Against The Law and Animal Abuse Neglect. Your dog should not have to suffer, when there is help for him.

My dog has big, itchy, patches of hairless, open wounds on his neck..?

These wounds started at small, black, lifted scabs, I assumed he got maybe from running into something or getting a small cut from a branch outside, they soon turned into open, red, fleshy wounds that easily bleed when he scratches them. He does not have fleas or ticks. He continues to scratch at them, which obviously keeps making them worse and worse. He lives in a very clean and loving environment, so it is in no way due to neglect. I did a little research last week and the symptoms matched the symptoms of "Hot Spots," so I went to PetSmart and bought an anti-itch spray and also a Hot Spot gel medicine, thing. Neither of those things helped in the slightest, if anything they made him scratch at the wounds more, so I no longer believe that it could be a hot spot. I then decided that I would bandage it with sterile gauze, so that it would be protected and he wouldn't be able to scratch at it, and then I also put a cone on him to help keep him from scratching at the bandages, but the wounds are at such an awkward place on his neck that the bandages wouldn't stay in place for more than a day and the cone doesn't completely cover it and I don't like the cone resting on the opened wound, because it probably irritates it more. Is there any other simple thing that it could be, that I could "cure" myself at home, without having to pay a big vet bill? I will obviously take him if it comes to that, but I would prefer to do it myself.
Thank you for any help.

Posted by Miranda

Your dog needs to see a vet desperately, before these wounds get Infected and causes your dog even more severe problems than he already has. You should have already taken him to the vet and had treatment started when you first noticed these wounds.

You need to Stop Playing Veterinarian and trying treat an unknown problem, making the situation worse and more painful for your dog and believe me, if he has what you are describing, he is in pain and suffering.

We are not vets, we cannot see these wounds and we cannot diagnose your dog over the Internet. Even a real vet would not be able to diagnose these wounds by the description you gave, without physically seeing and examining your dog.

Stop trying to treat this yourself and get your poor dog to a vet. Not providing a sick or injured dog with Veterinary Care is Against The Law and considered Animal Abuse/ Cruelty and Neglect. Start being responsible, do the right thing and get this dog in for treatment.

Natural Ear Medication for Pets
remedy for ear mites and ear infections in dogs, cats and other animals

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Natural Ear Medication for Pets
remedy for ear mites and ear infections in dogs, cats and other animals

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